• 18 Reynolds St,
    Norwalk, CT
  • S&W is a family run and operated business, started in 1983 by Ward Evarts and his son Scott, a Master Craftsman. S&W specializes in custom building, historic renovations and remodeling. Located in Fairfield County, CT, many of their homes are in the Tokeneke area of Darien, CT. S&W have often been called in to "repair" work that other contractors have not been able to complete. For more than 25 years, S&W has been the builder of choice in Fairfield County.

S&W's skilled craftsmen lifted this historic building from its foundation and fully restored it to its former beauty, both inside and out.

Another fine home from S&W depicting various concepts in Architecture.

When the real estate is more valuable than the home, S&W can custom build and renovate to your exact specifications and create the home and outdoor environment of your dreams.